Newbie Guides

DD Tank Principle of Combat

1.How to survive in DD Tank?
(1)Keep your distance with both enemy and teammate in order to fight to the end because you may get hurt if you are too close to them. So please stay as far away as possible!
(2)Try to crawl to the slope which is behind your enemy so that your enemy cannot use Guide Missile to hit you directly, unless the opponent are very lucky.
(3)Do not fly frequently unless you are in danger. Imagine you fly to your enemy's side and a fully charged POW is waiting for you...
(4)Attack the nearest enemy first for two reasons: It's easier to aim and hit; you are easier to be aimed at so you need to eliminate danger as soon as possible.

2. How to fight against enemies?
(1)Cooperate with your teammate and kill the nearest enemy first.
(2)If you cannot seckill your enemy then please don't use Killing Move easily.
(3)Remember every enemy's location even if they use the Group Invisible item.
(4)Make sure your keyboard has a good space bar.

Here's the last question— weapon's damage level. Usually novice player will check aweapon's power of damage before buying any. There is a weapon looks like grenade-throwing with 150 damages, while in contrast, the damage level of Lightning is only 130. However, don't take granted that weapon with higher damages is always better. That grenade weapon is more suitable for multi-target attacking as its Killing Move launches three bombs at a time. Unless your opponents are close to you and are in a line, otherwise the power of Killing Move will only equal to the power of an ordinary weapon as it is splited into three parts. So that weapon would be powerful if used in a group fight, while Lightening would be more useful when you are fighting alone.