Newbie Guides

A Must See for Beginners-Weapons

Reminder:The color of equipment can be modified when you are buying them. So you can make unique equipment of you own!

Weapon--Thunder--:Ultimate destructive power just like a missile. It is said to be the weapon king in game. The Luck attribute of Thunder is 10 points higher than the other three weapons. 1000+ damage with one attack is possible if combined with a high luck value equipment.Its design looks like some sort of repairing tool.

Overall look: ★★☆

Damage: ★★★★★★

Bomb pit efficiency:★★★☆


Weapon--Flames--As the name suggests, Flames will not let even a blade of grass grow. It is the No.1 weapon to make a crater. Flames is highly recommended to newbies. If you cannot win veteran players, you still have chances to bury them.
Overall look: ★★★

Damage: ★★★☆

Bomb pit efficiency:★★★★★★


Weapon--Magic Wind--Compare with other weapons, Magic Wind looks really cool. It has a high agility value, which can be seen from the picture that Magic Wind has 20 more Agility points than the other four weapons. But the attack power is relatively ordinary. So it might be easier to be controlled by an veteran player. However, Magic Wind can be more powerful in the future since it can be used for fortification.
Overall look: ★★★★★★

Damage: ★★★★

Bomb pit efficiency:★★★★


Weapon--Lightning--The real effect of Lightning is a little different from its name because it is used as a bomb. Lightning can easily put enemy in a bomb pit.Unlike Thunder, which makes a pit in the form of strip,Lightning usually makes a semicircle pit that makes your opponent's following attack difficult. In addition, Lightning can cause great damage just as Thunder.

Overall look: ★★★★★


Bomb pit efficiency:★★★★☆