Newbie Guides

Teamwork Battle Skill

1. Capture the ringleader first. Identify the most dangerous person, ( who usually owns the highest level, the best weapon and is the nearest) focus all fire on this player and then attack the rest enemies.

2. Choose the strongest defender. Player with the highest defence power should be at the very front while the rest players stay behind to provide support. Player at the front should keep moving to avoid being buried, and also launch bombs to make sufficient time for teammates to start attack.

3. Perform duties respectively. Six-player battle and eight-player battle are key test of team cooperate ability. Every member should make effort for team's survival.All team members should certify their own responsibilities before starting an attack, for example, players who cannot aim accurately can take group recovery and group invisible items as support; players who are good at shooting can take enrage and aim items for seckill; player with high agility can take icing and wind direction change items to contain enemies; player who is responsible for attracting firepower can take HP recovery and flying items for survival.

4. Take advantage of troubled situation. When you are in a disadvantageous place and your enemy holds a favorable ground, you can fly to the enemy's side and overlap one opponent if possible, then use Invisible. It's a good way to threat your rivals and protect yourself because they cannot shoot you immediately as their teammate may get hurt at the same time. The only way for them to break through the dilemma is to give up advantageous terrain. Your teammate should have fully prepared to seckill enemies by then...

5. Self-sacrifice. If you don't have any teammate with high attack power while your enemy is strong, usually it is impossible to win. However,you may still win the battle at the cost of someone's sacrifice. If you are willing to die, you can bring three target aiming items, your teammates can carry Enrage before battle starts.During the battle, you just need to launch attacks continuously to attract enemy's attention so that they will focus their fires on you. Meanwhile, your teammates are all waiting for Killing Move because they are "enraged". Then you can use the items you carried with before your team's attack to make them shoot with great accuracy. It enables your team to use Add 2 Assaults and Killing Move twice. Now please try to image the impact of being attacked by 5 Killing Moves, your opponents will be devastated even if they are still alive.